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Standard Turn-Up Tool 8.5

Standard Turn-Up Tool 8.5"

Metal Panel Hemming Tool 20

Metal Panel Hemming Tool 20"

Metal Panel Hemming Tool Wide Handle 24"

Our hemming tools will save you and your customers time and headaches associated with properly field-bending the high and low sides of metal building panels. We offer tools to accommodate all panel widths from 10 to 24 inches. Whether you want to hem the low sides or close the high sides, JS Design has the right tool for your application. Our STEEL tools put an end to: - Exposed fasteners - Ice damming - Rusty panel ends - Sloppy, uneven hems - Low quality tools - Weak aluminum tools
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Gap 1/8" Depth 1-1/2" Zinc-Chromate Plated Rubber Grip Handle
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